Takao Adachi

Mr. Takao Adachi has a MSEE from University of Electro-Communication, Japan. He started his career in the early 1980s working for NEC Corp, involving in circuit design and volume production for many generations of DRAM, high density mask ROM, flash memory, VRAM, System DRAM (Rambus), Commodity DRAM (EDO, Synchronous), etc.  In year 2000, he was transferred to Elpida Memory Inc. and promoted as GM of Technology & Development Office in 2003, Officer in 2004, CTO in 2005, and Director of Board in 2006. At Elpida Memory, he managed development of large-density commodity DRAM in the several generation, emerging memory (PRAM, RRAM) and TSV-stacked DRAM. He resigned from Micron which acquired Elpida Memory Inc. in 2013. Then, Mr. Adachi started Ultramemory Inc. which develops the ultra-high bandwidth memory, and is acting as President and CEO now.