Attopsemi’s I-fuse™ OTP memory has the following advantages over the competitive technologies:

      1. Proven mechanism. Our I-fuse™ OTP memory is based on the irreversible mechanism of electro-migration that has been studied in academia and industry for more than 60 years. Other OTP technologies are based on breaking fuse, rupturing oxide, or storing charges. Those “non-volatile” programming means are explosive or statistical natures that can result in grow back or self-healed and lead to poor reliability.
      2. High reliability. Our I-fuse™ OTP memory is strictly based on electro-migration for reliable programming. The programming mechanism is deterministic, controllable, and can be modeled precisely by physical laws. Our I-fuse™ at Vanguard’s 0.16um high-voltage process passed High Temperature Storage (HTS) test at 300°C for 3,000 hours, which exceeds the condition F of 300°C for 1000 hrs in JESD22-A103C. Our I-fuse™ also exceeds the highest grade 0 of 175°C for 1,000 hrs in AEC-Q100C_Rev H automotive specifications.
      3. Small size. Our OTP cell size is only 1/100 of the conventional e-fuse cells in the comparable CMOS technologies by using 1R1D cell instead of 1R1T. The D means “diode”, which is a source/drain junction diode of a PMOS device available in any CMOS processes. The effective IP size is also about half to one-third of the other OTP technologies because of small cell size and low overhead peripheral circuits.
      4. High density. The achievable I-fuse™ density can be from a few bits to several megabits due to small cell size, high yield, high reliability OTP, and low overhead peripherals.
      5. Low voltages. Unlike other OTP technologies, the I-fuse™ OTP memory only uses the convenient core and I/O voltages for program and read, i.e. 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V, so that the I-fuse™ is very easy to use. No needs to have large area and power hungry charge pumps.
      6. Wide temperature range. Our I-fuse™ OTP memory has been qualified from -55°C to 300°C for over 1,000 hours. Moreover, our I-fuse™can pass High Temperature Storage (HTS) at 400°C for 8 hours with 0 defect in 3Mb. Other OTP technologies cannot even pass 400°C for 2 hours with 20-30 defects per 1Mb.
      7. Scalable. Our I-fuse™ OTP cell is very robust and can be scalable and shrinkable following Moore’s law.
      8. High yield. Since our programming method is deterministic, controllable, and can be modeled precisely by physical laws, our program yield can be guaranteed 100%, if meeting our programming specifications. If there is any yield loss, it would be due to pre-program fab defects. In the past 4 years, we only saw less than 10 defects out of total of 1.1 billion I-fuses™ accumulated from more than 40 silicon shuttles from 0.5um to 28nm CMOS.

I-Fuse™ Advantages