Attopsemi™ Technology White Paper

I-fuse™: Most Reliable and Fully Testable OTP


Patented by Attopsemi™, I-fuse™ is a revolutionary non-breaking fuse technology that can be reliably programmed by heat assisted electromigration below a break point.  Any cell can be tested as programmable if the initial fuse resistance is low enough (e.g. <400 ohms) to generate enough heat for programming.  The program voltage range can be tested and calibrated in a way that program yield can be predicted accurately. In I-fuse™ design, a pseudo-programmed state can be created by applying a low voltage programming during read, called Concurrent Low-Voltage Write Read (CLVWR).  By combining the normal read and pseudo-programmed read, complex SRAM-like test patterns can be generated to fully test a complete I-fuse™ OTP macro with 100% fault coverage.

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