I-fuse® is a fuse-based OTP technology that offers up to 100x reliability, 1/100 cell size, and 1/10 program current than the ubiquitous electrical fuse (e-fuse) technology, by

  • limiting program current below a catastrophic breaking point, instead of breaking a fuse,
  • using junction diode, instead of MOS, as a program selector in an OTP cell,
  • using small cell to preserve heat to improve program efficiency so as to reduce program current, respectively.

As a result, our I-fuse® can guarantee zero program defect and can have less than 0.01ppm pre-program defect. Our I-fuse®  also passed qualifications at 300°C for 4,290 hours and -55°C for 1,000 hours, which is unprecedented for any other OTPs. Our OTP can be programmed in low and standard I/O voltages and can be available and scalable from 0.7µm to 7nm CMOS.


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