Attopsemi’s I-fuse OTP IP Embedded into Melexis’ Sensor ICs In Mass Production

Hsinchu, Taiwan –December 10, 2019

Attopsemi’s I-fuse™ OTP provides small size, low program voltage, low read voltage, wide temperature, and high reliability for successful mass production in Melexis’ sensor ICs.

Attopsemi Technology, a revolutionary OTP IP vendor, announced today that it recently had I-fuse™ OTP (One-Time Programmable) IP embedded into Melexis’ sensor ICs in mass production.

Attopsemi, a fuse-based OTP IP provider, has I-fuse™ IP across all CMOS processes from 0.7um to 22nm, 7nm, and beyond, including G, LP, ULP, mixed signal, high voltage, BCD processes, and FD-SOI, etc. Melexis, a leading fabless IC vendor, has wide ranges of products in high reliability, high quality, automotive and industry applications.

“We’re very pleased to announce that our I-fuse™ IP has been in production in another name-brand chip vendor, other than the other value customers before,” said Shine Chung, Chairman of Attopsemi, “Melexis’ demands for high reliability, high quality, and full testability finally proved our I-fuse™ technologies can meet their high standards.” “Our I-fuse™, without redundancy, ECC, or twin cells, can pass 150°C HTS and 150°C HTOL for 1,000 hours, meeting AEC-Q100 Grade 0 requirements.”

“We found Attopsemi’s I-fuse™ IP can meet our requirements in the very competitive sensor markets for small size, low voltage/current, ease of use and high reliability,” said Marc Biron, VP of the Business Unit Sense and Drive“. After working for some time on IP specification, shuttle run, test/characterization, and mass production, we found Attopsemi’s IP can meet our high standards.”