Attopsemi Technology Attended ChipEx2019 and Presented a Speech “I-fuse A Disruptive OTP (One-Time Programmable)”

Hsinchu, Taiwan – July 16, 2019

Attopsemi Technology attended ChipEx2019 on May 3, 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel and provided a talk “I-fuseTM A Disruptive OTP (One-Time Programmable).” ChipEx is the largest annual event of the Israeli Semiconductor industry. About 100 vendors, service providers, manufacturers of electronic design tools, components and manufacturing equipment from around the globe joined this event that attracted several hundreds of attendees.

In a well-received speech during the Technical Session, Jeffrey Lin, General Manager of Attopsemi, presented the topic “I-fuse™ OTP for Low-Power application.” In the IoT IC market, low leakage and low power are two crucial features Low leakage means energy can be saved during idle state or standby state. Low power operation means battery can last longer when continuously in active mode. I-fuse™ is a revolutionary “non-explosive” fuse technology that can be programmed below thermal runaway and above electro-migration (EM) threshold. This is different from other kinds of fuse technologies which are “explosive” during programming. On the contrary, I-fuse™ programming follows the physics, which is based on heat generation, heat dissipation, and electro-migration. The reliability of Attopsemi’s I-fuse™ is guaranteed by physics.

“Besides IOT, Automotive ICs goal to achieve ZERO defect and high reliability” explained by Jeffrey Lin. “ZERO defect means no defect after shipping because of high cost for field return. Any defects should be fully tested and screened away before shipping. Therefore, testability is essential to reach this Holy Grail. Only I-fuse™ among all OTP technologies can reach this goal by our proprietary screening technique.”

Jeffrey Lin, General Manager of Attopsemi provided a speech “I-fuse A Disruptive OTP (One-Time Programmable).”