Attopsemi Released White Paper “I-fuse – Most Reliable and Fully Testable OTP”

Hsinchu, Taiwan – January 20, 2021

Attopsemi, innovator of I-fuse™ one-time programmable (OTP) IP provider, today announced the availability of a white paper titled “I-fuse™ — Most Reliable and Fully Testable OTP”. This paper discusses performance characteristics of I-fuse™, a non-breaking fuse technology.

Attopsemi, a fuse-based OTP IP provider, has I-fuse™ IP across all CMOS processes from 0.7um to 22nm, 7nm, and beyond, including G, LP, ULP, mixed signal, high voltage, BCD processes, and FD-SOI, etc. I-fuse™ is a revolutionary “non-explosive” fuse technology that can be programmed below thermal runaway and above electro-migration (EM) threshold, providing small area, low read voltage/current, low program voltage/current, wide temperature, high reliability, and solving for OTP testability completely.

Patented by Attopsemi™, I-fuse™ is a non-breaking fuse technology that can be reliably programmed by heat assisted electromigration below a break point. Any cell can be tested as programmable if the initial fuse resistance is low enough (e.g. <400 ohms) to generate enough heat for programming. The program voltage range can be tested and calibrated in a way that program yield can be predicted accurately. In I-fuse™ design, a non-destructive programmed state can be created by applying a low voltage programming during read, called Concurrent Low-Voltage Write Read (CLVWR). By combining the normal read and fake-programmed read, complicated SRAM-like test patterns can be generated to fully test a complete I-fuse™ OTP macro with 100% fault coverage.