Attopsemi’s I-fuse OTP IP Qualified and Available on GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22nm FDX-SOI Platform

Hsinchu, Taiwan – April 12, 2021

Attopsemi, innovator of I-fuse™ one-time programmable (OTP) IP provider, announced today that its I-fuse OTP IP is now qualified for the GLOBALFOUNDRIES® (GF®) 22FDXTM platform. This qualification allows customers to benefit from the incorporation of a compact and robust OTP block into GF 22FDX solutions for applications in 5G mmWave, edge AI, Internet of Things, automotive, satellite communications, and security markets. The 1×64 IP can be programmed at a platform voltage of 1.8V I/O. The IP sizes are small without any charge pumps and without any redundancy, ECC, or twin cells.

Attopsemi has I-fuse™ IP across all CMOS processes from 0.7um to 22nm, 7nm, and beyond, including G, LP, ULP, mixed signal, high voltage, BCD processes, and FD-SOI, etc. I-fuse™ is a revolutionary “non-explosive” fuse technology that can be programmed below thermal runaway and above electro-migration (EM) threshold, providing small area, low read voltage/current, low program voltage/current, wide temperature, high reliability, and solving for OTP testability completely.

OTP, One-Time-Programmable, memory can be used to store chip ID or security key for authentication, work around defect or contamination, trim device variations to improved yield, or enable/disable certain functions. Particularly, OTP can be used in ubiquitous sensor network, IoT, ultra-low power processors, that can grow exponentially up to 29.3 billion networked devices by 2023..

A key benefit of using Attopsemi I-fuse OTP memory is the flexibility with which RF products can address different regional market requirements via a single chip design (as different configurations can be stored). This leads to project development cost savings, as well as facilitating inventory management. Attopsemi has good tracking records of working with a renowned European research institute on ultra-low power RFID and are working with many potential customers on energy harvest applications.

“We’re very excited about the qualification of I-fuse™ IP for GF’s 22FDX platform,” said Shine Chung, Chairman of Attopsemi. “Our I-fuse™ has been proven to meet GF’s stringent demands on their advanced platforms.”

“We sincerely appreciate all the support from GF in developing our proprietary I-fuse™ OTP technology for the powerful and energy efficient 22FDX platform,” said Shine Chung, Chairman of Attopsemi. “Our I-fuse™ technology has continually been demonstrated as the OTP of choice. We have proven that I-fuse™ ensures high reliability, high quality and fully testable IP. With our superior OTP IP, we expect to bring substantial value to GF’s customers.”

The qualified Attopsemi I-fuse OTP solution is available for GF’s customers. Attopsemi’s first customer to adopt I-fuse is a sensor company using GF’s 22FDX platform.

GF’s 22FDX platform, with its best-in-class performance, power consumption, and broad feature integration capability, is the semiconductor solution of choice for 5G mmWave, edge AI, IoT, automotive radar, and other applications. To date, GF’s 22FDX solutions have realized $4.5 billion in design wins, with more than 350 million chips shipped to customers around the world.