DENSO Adopts Attopsemi’s OTP to Upgrade Future Automotive Products

Hsinchu, Taiwan – July 18, 2023

Attopsemi Technology, a leading provider of OTP IP (One-Time Programmable intellectual property), announced today a series of collaboration with Denso Corporation, a global supplier of automotive technology, to upgrade 180nm SOI technology, facilitating future installations of automotive products.

I-fuse® is a revolutionary OTP whose performance surpasses those conventional ones, including high reliability, small size and a wide range of programing/operating temperature. These benefits provide the customers maximum flexibility to optimize their product designs.

“I-fuse® OTP is an exceptional solution for auto applications. Its unique programing mechanism guaranteed an unparalleled reliability, which ensures the safety of operations.” Said Takashi Matsumoto, Director of ASIC Engineering Division, “Besides, no additional masks or boolean operations are required for fabricating I-fuse®, which allows us to import this IP into our processes with lowest cost. We are very glad to have I-fuse® integrated into our products.”

“Denso is a pioneer in the automotive industry, and we are thrilled to be working with them. Through this collaboration with DENSO, we are going to build a cooperative relationship to ensure in-vehicle quality.” Said Shine Chung, Chairman of Attopsemi. “Our company strives to provide state-of-the-art OTP solutions and our I-fuse® OTP to meet AEQ-Q100 Grade-0 requirements is going to be deployed in complete portfolio from 180nm to 12nm. We expect our products to meet the increasing demands for automotive applications in the upcoming future.”

As the automotive industry continues to push the boundaries of innovation, I-fuse® OTP can be applied to a wide range of features in electronic systems in modern vehicles, from safety functions to cutting-edge connectivity functions and infotainment, etc.