Attopsemi’s Revolutionary I-fuse® OTP Silicon-Proven on FinFET Technology

Hsinchu, Taiwan – April 25, 2023

Attopsemi, a provider of cutting-edge One-Time Programmable (OTP) IP solutions, is excited to announce successful silicon proven of I-fuse®  to 12nm FinFET processes using metal as fuse material. With this breakthrough, Attopsemi’s OTP now can support a complete portfolio of process technologies from mature nodes to high-K metal gate and FinFET technologies without extra mask or Boolean masking operations. This compelling OTP solution migrated to 12nm keep all I-fuse®’s key ingredients, such as high reliability, extremely compact size of 4K bits is less than 0.02 mm2, and low programming voltages ranging from 1.7V to 2.5V without charge pumps.

Different from eFuse, Attopsemi’s revolutionary I-fuse® technologies are to program the I-fuse® below an explosive point so that the electromigration (EM) can be the sole program mechanism, which leads to high reliability according to physics. Using metal interconnect as I-fuse® can be an ideal material for electromigration since the metal width and height can be scaled following Moore’s laws. So can the I-fuse® programming current and IP size. Benefitting from this scalability, metal I-fuse® revolutionizes the ways in OTP.

Attopsemi will expand its metal I-fuse® IPs to more advanced processes from 12nm to 7nm, 5nm, 3nm, and nodes beyond. Integrating metal I-fuse® into these advanced nodes will enable applications across various domains, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, IoT, and MCU, which demand small, reliable, low-voltage and low current programming. This technology promises to impact significantly the ways OTP used in the semiconductor communities

“We are thrilled to announce the successful silicon proven of our I-fuse® IP on 12nm process,” said Shine Chung, Chairman of Attopsemi. “This groundbreaking achievement demonstrates our commitments to deliver leading-edge OTP IP solutions to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. With our new I-fuse® technology, we keep our promise to offer the smallest size and competitive spec of OTP IP on the FinFET technologies, making it the optimal choice for those seeking superior performance and efficiency in their products.”

Attopsemi has made significant strides in its mission to provide I-fuse® OTP technologies with lowest cost and highest performance advantages – its rapid growth is a testament to its potential, which is now ready for deployment in more foundries.